Primary Research


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I think 16-25 year old’s will be interested in reading this magazine because it has a woman figure on the front page, which will attract the female public. I also think this will attract the more younger generation because young teenagers look up to the women on the front page and they inspire them. The audience for this magazine I found out that 40% of people read the print edition and 38% read the online edition, then  22% read both print and online, overall the total audience for the magazine is 1,664,000. Glamour profile consists of  64% from ABC1 and altogether 95% of women read the print copy. For the online version 64% ABC1 and 96% of women read the online version. The front cover of this magazine has a bold orange title they have chosen a bold bright title so it stands out against the soft grey background and so it catches the public eye. The cover looks simple, clean but still stands out. The designers have chosen three colors that fit well together and arranged them in a way that is appealing. They have used the bright color to highlight the key parts of the cover and also by having a few of the same color which they have used three different texts to be in orange balances the cover out instead of there just being one harsh bright color on the page. The cover also has a couple of statistics and small headlines to justify briefly what the magazine will include.

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For the article page they have chosen a specific subject for the page this includes different types of mascaras this is good to stay with one subject because then it doesn’t make it complicated for the reader or overcrowd it with other things as well. The article is filled up with lots of different images but they are not to close together so it makes it easier to understand. However by including images in the article it gives the reader more of an visual idea of what the products look like and I find that images engage the reader more. The text is split up in small paragraphs to make it easier to read but also by splitting the text up it gives the look that there isn’t much text to read and it will make the reader want to read it more because it gives the illusion that there is less text. The bold title at the top of the article page stands out so it catches the readers eye and make them want to read the article more. The white background is a good choice because then the black text can contrast well against it and make it eye-catching and stand out. They have also highlighted the key parts of the text in pink this will also catch the readers eye as they are in a bright colour and stand out. The layout of the article is simple but it uses up all the page, the title is at the top of the page so the reader can instantly know what this article is going to be about then the images are on the left hand side and the also going along the bottom of the page in almost a L shape. This makes it easier for the reader to look at and read. There is also another image at the top right hand corner of a woman applying mascara to a model the picture is useful as it relates to the subject of the article. With all the images being on the outside the text is then in the middle of the page but is spaced out and not crammed together.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.18.51.pngI think this magazine cover is suitable for 16-25 year old’s this is because the female figure on the front is Taylor Swift she appeals to the more younger generation as they look up to her and they are inspired by her. However the magazine also appeals to young women because the magazine includes more adult content.   A/B 11,973,  C/D 3,497 it also shows that group AB read the magazine/ buy the magazine more than CD.  The magazine has a total reach of over 18.2 million readers, The largest demographic for Cosmopolitan is women aged 18-34 with over 9 million readers in total overall it tells us that women aged between 18 and 34 read the magazine a lot more. The percentage of readers who are women aged 18-24: 34%. The front page also has a bold title however it is not in a brightly colored text which is unusual because very many magazines do tend to do that with their titles. It has also done the same by choosing three colors to use for the cover, they have used a turquoise blue as the background because then the female figure and the text because they will contrast well and stand out against it. They have used the color black to highlight small headlines to catch the readers eye and to engage the reader more. The cover also doesn’t just stick to one font it has many different ones I think this is better than just sticking to one because it adds more to the magazine than it just being boring and simple so by adding different type of texts it will not only catch the readers eye but give more of a different look to it and not look all the same

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Cosmopoliant magazine article also has a simple look to it but lost of information. The article  has lots of image as well to balance out the article page and also to catch the readers eye and understand the article a lot more, I find that all the images that are used take up the whole space and are the main focus on the article page.  The article doesn’t have much writing on it , it only has small captions/ headlines to describe each images and product. The title for the article isn’t very bold or eyecatching this could be because they want the images to  catch the readers eye more  as they  appear more appealing to the reader than the title. The magazine’s used the same white background with black headlines and titles however they have also put some text in pink  to make them parts and out even more . The three chosen colours black, white and pink are well chosen because they all contrast well together and give the magazine a clean and polished look. The layout s simple again with lots of images around the outside of the page with text at the side, underneath or above the images, there is also one big images in the bottom left hand corner to use up most of the space and attract the readers eye. The article doesn’t just use one font it uses many different ones I find this looks a lot better as it looks a lot more different rather than just all the same, also it gives more of a unique look and by doing the text all different text and sizes it can catch the readers eye more and be more appealing.

I believe this magazine cover defiantly appeals to the 16-25 age range because the demographics show that the female audience is 93% and male audience is 7% this percentage is expected because the magazine is aimed and women so the percentage is going to be higher. The public age range that read the magazine is  18-34 80%, 25-34 year old’s is 39% and 35+ is 20% these statistics are also going to be expected because the magazine is aimed at the more younger generation than older women. The material status for the magazine is 63% are single and 30% married. Overall the total readership is 1,167,000+. This magazine cover has also done the same by choosing three different colors one being bold and the other two are neutral to be a part of the front cover, these are black, pink and white. The bold pink title contrasts well with the black background and the white headlines also contrast well with the black. The image on the front cover takes up the whole front cover this is good because it uses up all the space and it catches the public eye.


Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 09.28.04.png The magazine cover has another simple layout and filled up with lots of different images, by having lots of images as part of the article it attracts the reader and engages them to read the article more because then the reader can get more of an idea of what is being described. The article also has a bold black title this is bold so it makes it eye-catching and easier to read. The fonts on this article are nearly all the same there are only two different types of font this include the title and then the text that is describing each product. They have chosen three different colours to be part of the article these include black, white and blue, with white being the background colour and then the title and the text being black, then small headliners being highlighted in blue. By having a white background it makes the text and the images show up more clearer and easier to see but the other colours contrast well with each other. Also white is a good basic and neutral colour so it goes with anything and it can make anything stand out. The layout of the article is busy but not very overcrowded, there is one large image that is placed in the top left hand corner I feel this image needs to be large and take up half the space because it is the main image that is giving a visual example of what the article is about also the images stands out a lot as it needs to because it is the main focus on the article. However the images that are surrounding the larger image are crowded and overlapping each other even though this is a good look as part of an article I find that with there being a larger image and then lots of other small images surrounding it, it makes it look overcrowded and packed.

Audience research

I did not do any audience research before starting my production I did it throughout my production.

For my audience feedback I asked a few people in my class for their opinion on my finished product. They said pleasing to the eye, and that they wanted to recreate the hair and makeup look. They also thought that my images looked professional and fitted well with my theme. However they did say that I should add background instead of just a plain white background to make it look more colourful. I agree with all the feedback i was given and I will be taking it into account when creating another magazine in the future. ( feedback from Holly Askew and Alicia Walton)

I got feedback from my tutors along the way of production and I found that it helped me along the way.


The use of language used on this magazine is simple and short. They have done this so it is easier to read and so it gives the information you need to know but in a brief text. Also quotations are used of the front cover to attract the reader more because they will be interested and intrigued. The image that is used on the front cover is Taylor Swift the designers might have chosen this young female figure because she is an inspiration to many young teenagers and adults. Taylor is the main focus on the front cover as the image takes up all of the room on the front page, however there is only one image used on the front cover so this is likely to happen as they want to use all of the space up on the page but also by only using one main image it attracts more readers as they only have one image to look at and catch their eye. The colours on the front cover are simple but affective this is because they have chosen three colours these include black, white and blue/ turquoise, by choosing two neutral colours which are black and white it then makes the blue stand out against the other two. Most magazines have three main colours with one of them always being bright and colourful, which is what Cosmopoliant magazine has done. By choosing one bright colour to use on the magazine it can highlight any key parts that want to be stood out so it can catch the readers eye and engage them more. By choosing different font to use on the front over is more appealing to the reader because I find that it gives the magazine a different and unique look to it if the font is not all the same. Another reason is because they can make the title look bold and bright in one font but then use more of a subtle font for the smaller headlines and captions.

 Secondary Research


The genre I have chosen is hair & beauty magazine which has its own codes and conventions. Hair articles tend to include bright but sometimes pastel colors, these have connotations of cleanliness and tidy, as a pose to dark and dim colors as these do not represent the genre well. Articles that are about hair and beauty tend to include beauty tips, makeup hacks/ techniques, how to, makeup and hair looks and similar things. The images these magazines use have connotations of flawless and perfected images which is done by Photoshop. Some of the hair and beauty magazine can include step by step instructions but these are shown through images.

Target Audience

NRS National Readership Survey is have used this website to gather information about the publicity and each magazine I am analysing.


Audience- 15+

Print & PC net reach- 279,700

Print- 123,300

PC- 274,00


Audience- 15+

Print & PC net reach- 101,200

Print- 82,800

PC- 20,300


Audience- 15+

Print & PC net reach-896,900

Print- 490,700

PC- 456,400

A target audience is when a particular group at which a product such as a film or advertisement is aimed at. For example when creating a magazine you have to set a target audience that will be suitable for you magazine, however you have to decide what the target audience is before you actually start the making of your magazine.

Whenever people visit a website, they’re looking to find something. It could be something as direct as someone visiting a wedding cake website, because they need a wedding cake. Or they may not even know they’re looking for something – they’re just hoping to find it.

Once you identify why your audience is coming to your website, you can make some really good choices. You can decide what categories you’re going to talk about and what information you’re going to include. You can create and make a list of resources to give to them. You can do everything possible to thoroughly solve their problem, each time they visit your site.

I found a case study that refers to how magazines target their audience, Some have successes and failures though.

How does the magazine both target and represent audience?




Bauer Media is a division of the Bauer Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned publishing Group. The Group is a worldwide media empire offering over 300 magazines in 15 countries, as well as online, TV and radio stations.

Bauer Media joined the Bauer Media Group in January 2008 following acquisition of Emap plc’s consumer and specialist magazines, radio, TV, online and digital businesses.

Bauer Media is a multi-platform UK-based media Group consisting of many companies collected around two main divisions – Magazines and Radio – widely recognised and rewarded as being industry innovators.

Our business is built on influential media brands with millions of personal relationships with engaged readers and listeners. Our strategy is to connect audiences with excellent content through our broad multi-touch point brand platforms, wherever and whenever and however they want. Our wide portfolio of influential brands gives us advantages over pure play magazine or radio competitors.

Hearst We began nearly a century ago, with the first issue of Good Housekeeping and have since grown into a network that reaches millions of people every day. As a business, we’re still changing. Exploring new opportunities and dreaming up new ideas.

Hearst has a long history of delivering exceptional, entertaining and trusted content to our audiences in the ways that are most relevant to them, launching new titles in anticipation of audience requirements. In 2012 Hearst launched Women’s Health to compliment the men’s health titles. Digital launches have continued with dedicated sites for Esquire and Reveal. Hearst also announced the appearance of all its print titles on Apple Newsstand, and Good Housekeeping celebrated its 90thbirthday with its first iPad app and a dedicated UK website.

I found out that the magazines I have analysed are produced by different companies professionally, Cosmopoliant was produced by Hearst, Glamour was produced by conde nast. Condé Nast is a premier media company renowned for producing the highest quality content for the world’s most influential audiences.  Attracting 123 million consumers across its industry-leading print, digital and video brands.

If one the two companies I have researched could produce my magazine professionally the I think it would be Hearst this is because their first magazine that the company produced an issue of Good Housekeeping and since then the company have grown into a network the reaches out to millions of people everyday. I believe this company would be good to produce my magazine because the first magazine they produced is similar to the magazine I will be creating however the company says that they are wanting to change and explore new opportunities and dreaming up new ideas my magazine would be good for this change because the theme for my magazine will be different and unique from other beauty magazines thats why I believe Hearst would produced professionally.



Some of the main codes and conventions of the genre of my magazine I aim to produce will include. A full, page of tips and tricks, which can also include favourite beauty products and air products. my magazine will have a busy layout to it as that is what beauty magazine tend to go for however I will not over do it as that will make it unappealing to the reader and look like too much on one page. I will stick to a colour scheme with my magazine I have not yet decided on what these colours will be yet but I will choose ones that fit with my chosen genre. I will also not have a constant layout or text as the magazine will appear all the same and this will not give a unique look to it as that is what I would like. By using and changing the different fonts this will make my magazine stand out and appeal more to the public eye.

The magazines I have chosen to analyse have targeted their audience by choosing a suitable content to include in their magazine. This might include more advanced makeup products/ tips, higher priced products and other type of content that is suitable for 16-25 year olds. The layout of these magazine are crowded but not too over done, beauty magazines tend to include more images than text this is because the target audience for these magazine are more of the young generation this tend to means that they don’t want to be reading paragraphs of text, the audience wants it to be short but snappy as it will catch the readers eye more and encourage them to read it more as it is only a small amount of writing. This is why beauty magazine include small amounts of text as it will appeal more to the younger target audience. The chosen colours on the magazine are suitable for the audience as the colours appeal to all ages, the magazines all include three colours two of them being neutral, and one being the one that stands out against the others, overall the colours contrast very well together and match with the type of beauty magazine that it is. overall the magazine I have analysed and researched all have targeted their audience well as the content, context, colours themes, images and my more are all suitable for their individual target audience.

For my magazine I intend to produce a hair and beauty themed magazine. My topics will include makeup tips, step by step makeup tutorials, favourite hair and beauty products, and hair styles. The design I have chosen to do is a simple but unique look to my magazine as I don’t want it to be like all the other popular beauty magazine that are out there, because I want my magazine to appeal to my target audience and I want it to stand out. I will still intend to use the same layout that are used in professional magazines, by doing this it will still keep the same sort of design but not all the same as I would like a different type of beauty magazine.